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Liveblogging From RT4: Sports Panel

Liveblogging as usual, so keep checking back here for updates.  Also follow the #risingtide and #rt4 hashtags on Twitter.

Wanna know how I feel about sports this week?  Yeah.

Cash For Clunkers

Sports panel, hosted by Jeffrey Pants: Alejandro de los Rios, reporter/blogger for the Gambit, Patrick Armstrong of Hurricane Radio, Leo McGovern, editor/publisher of ANTIGRAVITY Magazine, Chris Wiseman (AKA Mr. Clio, AKA Dilly, AKA Lee De Fleur) long-time local blogger, ever-enthusiastic member of the Black and Gold Patrol and locally famous Crescent City Classic participant.

Sports culture in New Orleans: Chris describes being in costume at an away game in Indianapolis.  Sounds like my experience when I wore my beaded cheesehead to the Superdome.  When you’re a Saints (or Packers) fan, it’s all about PURE LOVE.  Jeffrey says the four seasons in NOLA are Mardi Gras, Summer Jazzfest, Hurricane and Football.

As Tim notes, Chris says fans usually celebrate victory, but his outfit memorializes losses: Ashley, Buddy D, Sam Mills.  More about Saints and Hornets fandom.

Again, Jeffrey references Dave Zirin’s remark to Rising Tide two years ago: “Stadium construction is not a substitute for urban policy.”Alejandro de los Rios see plus and minus of public money for Saints and Superdome.  When a hike in Brown County taxes was proposed to renovate and expand Lambeau Field, a minority of residents balked, but they don’t realize what a cash cow the Packer enterprise is for their area. It definitely is a bread-and-circuses model of economic growth, as Pat puts it, but one that makes money for the city and local businesses if properly funneled.  The problem is where the money goes.

I’d really like for development (store fronts, restaurants, bars) around the Superdome to go to businesses that are locally-owned, reflect New Orleans culture and bring growth to Orleans Parish and its taxpayers, and not national chains and ESPNZone or some such.  This is not impossible.

And with that, WE ARE DONE.  Thank you for another great day!  Our baby is FOUR!

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  • jeffrey August 23, 2009, 2:20 PM

    My goodness I’ve been badly misquoted. The four seasons I referred to were, Carnival, Festival, Hurricane, and Football.

    I’m grateful to everyone who participated in the discussion.

  • Maitri August 24, 2009, 10:19 AM

    Fixed. I caught the tail end of your comment & got it from Tim. Retweeting a mistweet and all that.

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