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Nice Article About Project Gutenberg

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AltSearch Engines | Project Gutenberg – The Digitized Printing Press

… So no, you can’t exactly go to the Gutenberg project and pick up J.K. Rowling’s 8th installment “Harry Potter Finally Sees a Shrink After Suffering PTSD From Way Too Many Near-Death Experiences,” or any of the other seven, but what you can do is look up Arthur Conan Doyle and start reading up on Sherlock Holmes. As far as I know, the Doyle estate can’t stop the Project.

No, they cannot, not unless WIPO and individual nations cave to the demands of the global publishing lobby and render a copyright term to imply Life + Infinity.  This is not impossible, but it doesn’t have to be taken that far.  To give you an idea, increasing current copyright terms by even 10 to 20 years will pull a lot of books out of the public domain.

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  • Ian Turton

    Well you’re a citizen (right?) so feel free to lobby your congress critter, I’m sure if enough of you do it you can out buy Disney etc.


    PS :-)

  • Hi, Ian! Yeah, I R citizen. Problem 1 = Getting the average person to care about the back-end of technology enough for him/her to understand the pertinent legal issues. Problem 2 = Bleeding corporations always get there first.

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