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Wishlist Item #1: Globe4D

Globe4D from Leiden University in the Netherlands

… an interactive, four-dimensional globe. It’s a projection of the Earth’s surface on a physical sphere. It shows the historical movement of the continents as its main feature, but it is also capable of displaying all kinds of other geographical data such as climate changes, plant growth, radiation, rainfall, forest fires, seasons, airplane routes, and more.

Check out the demo! I take it rotating the globe is the 3D component and moving the ring controls the time dimension. What a great way to understand tectonics by seeing all plate motion at once, instead of on one limited map at a time. Wonder if the inputs are static or can be altered in external software for simulations.  I’d love to have one, except in English. Paleogeen sounds less like a geologic period and more like geriatric pomade.

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