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Day 1166: Here We Go Again

My parents gave me a good education and a conscience, told me they were the only things I need to make it in this world and kicked me out into it.  This is why I have had a goofy smile on my face since last night.  Today, I feel American again, an enfranchised individual eager to use her learnings and heart to help the new administration steer this country in the right direction.  Here we go again.

What I did best from 1992 to 2000, but without a blog, was to criticize the then Democratic administration when it made missteps (given that we Indians are born with sharp critiquing instincts, geoscience is only my second-best achievement).  In his first 100 days, I blasted Clinton for his pick of attorney general and the gays-in-the-military issue. There were other problems down the road, but when you mess up like that right off the bat, prepare for a tongue-lashing, especially from your own.

Flash forward to 2008.  The permanent grin induced by the mere concept of president-elect Obama turns into a frown on learning that Lawrence Summers is at the top of the list of potential picks for Secretary of the Treasury.  Yes, that Larry Summers, economist, Treasury secretary at the tail end of the Clinton administration and erstwhile president of Harvard University.  Very much yes, that Larry Summers who, with very little real evidence, openly postulated that “many factors outside of socialization could explain why there were more men than women in high-end science and engineering positions” and even went as far as to suggest that men may be biologically better-equipped for high-end science, engineering and technology.  Someone who received a “no-confidence” vote and resigned from Harvard need not be the next secretary of my Treasury.  This is not change we can believe in.

Weren’t we given the impression that the same old spineless Democrats, the same old crooks would not make their way into this administration?  Sure, Obama has to dance, nosh and mingle with the Old Guard some in order not to earn his own no-confidence vote.  But Summers?  And Rahm Emanuel for White House Chief of Staff?  Is this a one-term thing?  *shivers*

The Ws and Palins of this world are very bashing-worthy, but the most caustic remarks are reserved for those I admire who should know better.  Knowing fully well that he is flawed and not the messiah, I am proud to have championed and voted for Barack Obama.  Now is the time to use this renewed connection with a government we believe in to keep it honest.

P. S. Don’t worry, folks, the smile is back.  I’m not that jaded.  Yet.

* The Guardian | January 2005 | Why Women Are Poor At Science, By Harvard President
* Ars Technica | June 2008 | Why Judy can’t add: gender inequality and the math gap

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  • Adrastos November 5, 2008, 4:26 PM

    It’s a bit early to flip out over what could be self aggrandzing leaks. I’m skeptical about Summers getting the nod because it would open a political can of worms with Democratic women.

  • brimful November 6, 2008, 2:02 PM

    I’m always in favor of flipping out where Summers is concerned. ;)

    Also, I don’t think you’d ever be mistaken for jaded!

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