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Day 1075: Karen Gadbois In The Levee

First it was the Wall Street Journal, followed by the Gambit (1, 2) and then, off and on and when they absolutely-positively could not avoid mentioning her, the Times-Picayune. Finally, New Orleans’s own version of The Onion has discovered and used the phrase “local activist, Karen Gadbois” in a cover article. It’s a journalistic miracle! The mainstream media admits that this amazing woman, who neither works for a newspaper nor carries a press pass, exists!

The New Orleans Levee | Mayor Blames Lee Zurik For … “Everything”

… As a result, the FBI, HUD, the city’s inspector general, numerous mental health experts, activist Karen Gadbois and others have begun investigating the mayor’s latest program of buying thousands of Crimestoppers-like billboards throughout New Orleans that offer up to a $5,000 reward for Zurik.

Come see The Zohan Zurik, Karen Gadbois, Kevin Allman, Cliff Of The Crib and … wait for it .. Eli Ackermann, Dedra Johnson, John Barry, author of Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America AND all of your favorite bloggers at the third annual Rising Tide Conference held on the weekend of August 22-24 [SCHEDULE | REGISTRATION]. Conference day lunch catered by the makers of the best fish sandwich in my neighborhood and all of New Orleans, J’anita’s.

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