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Day 606: Link Grab Bag

* 2007 Report Of the American Library Association: “Predicted demise due to Internet fails to materialize.”

Umm, ALA, the success of libraries would require people to readHart‘s analysis: “Yes, people are coming to the libraries, but not for reading materials,  they are coming for movies more than anything else, and other electronic items, including free Internet access … but the traditional libraries, and their services, are definitely on the decline.”

* Canada to ban incandescent lightbulbs by 2012 In the banning process at my house since 2006

* Even in New Orleans, Badger football is front page news (HT, D)

* The Tap is back!  Think Derek Smalls can get us discount tickets?

* Watch the world’s oldest rock band cover The Who’s My Generation.  “Don’t write me off ‘cos I’m 90.”

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