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Day 474: R.I.P., Peter Boyle & Ahmet Ertegun

Two greats in one week?  One who made a most hilarious and timeless interlude and the other, the coolest record-company exec, are gone. 

Not everybody loves Raymond, ok?  The only reason that show is tolerable was Peter Boyle, who in his very own Costanza Sr.-like manner dealt with the ignominy of a dominant wife, family bickering and modern living.  But, what I remember Boyle for most is his amazing Pygmalion-esque duet with Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein, a script I can recite in my sleep.   Do you think Boyle’s met up with Madeline Kahn by now to reenact the Socks And Poo-poo Undies scene?  *sigh*

Ahmet Ertegun and his brother were born in Turkey, moved to the States as kids and founded Atlantic Records.  Barring the cross-cultural facets of this man (Turkey –> Atlantic Records = nice!), he helped develop the careers of many great artists like Ray Charles, Frank Zappa and, the greatest band ever, The Rolling Stones (at whose late-October concert Ahmet fell backstage, hit his head and fell into a coma). 
As for the New Orleans connection, read this snippet from history-of-rock.com
In the late Forties Atlantic went to New Orleans to look for talent and had some sessions with Professor Longhair, which convinced them to incorporate the New Orleans sound into their recordings. Atlantic’s more sophisticated and jazz orientated session men were unable to recreate the New Orleans Sound, but in the process created the “Atlantic Sound,” which supported all the label’s singers with, boogie based, sax-led band arrangements that were internal part of the song.

Come on, America, say it with me: “Thank you again, New Orleans!”  What I would give to have been a fly on the wall when Professor Longhair played Tipitina with Ahmet and company.

Music and laughter make my world go round.  So, here’s my gratitude and respect to these greats who gave us the gift of entertainment, and now offer it elsewhere.  Purrin’ on da Reeeeetz!

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  • Joshua Pinkston December 15, 2006, 9:00 PM

    Greatest band ever? *snort* Maybe greatest thieves ever. Besides, no blues, no Rolling Stones. Anyway, the best band ever is either Flogging Molly or Foo Fighters.

  • Adrastos December 16, 2006, 12:36 AM

    I hadn’t heard about Ahmet. The man was a giant.

  • Maitri December 17, 2006, 3:10 PM

    No Rolling Stones, no Flogging Molly or Foo Fighters. The new always sources from the old, in whatever path of life. We’re all thieves in that regard.

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